A Legend is Born

In 1993, people traveling west-bound on Interstate 10, were among the first to
witness the erection of a big red barn with an enormous metal roof, ideally
located in Leon Springs, on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. What they
didn't know at the time, was that over the next several years, a legend would
be born, history would be made and the infamous name, Leon Springs
Dance Hall, would become synonymous with the best of Texas entertainment.
Through the Years

From 1993 to 2005, Leon Springs Dance Hall enjoyed an influx of sold-out
events including annual Labor Day and New Year's Eve parties, private parties
and special bookings, and weekends that when opened to the general public,
would exceed attendance expectations. Patrons just couldn't seem to get
enough of Leon Springs Dance Hall - from the salt-covered, wooden dance floor
to its memento-adorned walls. But the real jewel of the Dance Hall, in addition
to the touted mile-long bar, were truly the musicians who graced the oversized
stage of the Dance Hall year-after-year. From the pre-radio days of The Dixie
Chicks to the nationally renowned Johnny Dee & the Rocket 88's, Leon Springs
Dance Hall for many was a place to hear some of the best up-and-coming
country western and old-time rock and roll bands in and around Texas. Although
Leon Springs Dance Hall had an amazing twelve-year run, all good things must
come to an end...or so it seemed.
The Birth of an Era

In August 2006, it became well-known to all that Leon Springs Dance Hall
would indeed reopen for business, but even more so, it would undergo
moderate-to-heavy renovations to update the facility and make it a more
user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing building. It also became known that
Leon Springs Dance Hall would be operating under new management in an
effort to provide high-quality catering and event-planning services to patrons
seeking a special-event venue with the nostalgic charm of yesteryears, but
with the high-class capabilities of modern-day, customized menu options.
Enter Black Tie Affairs Catering, Inc., an award-winning, full-service catering
and event-planning company located in San Antonio, Texas. With more than
21 years in the catering business, Black Tie Affairs Catering specializes in
the customized presentation of spectacular menu options for weddings,
private parties, holiday parties, corporate events, fundraising and charity
events, reunions, themed events and many more.
Reconnecting with a Legendary Past

With big renovation plans underway, Black Tie Affairs Catering had
even greater plans for the launch of the newly reopened Dance Hall.
New in 2007, Leon Springs DanceHall will present Live at Leon
Springs, a
music series featuring talent from some of the best national,
regional and local top name acts and entertainers. Live at Leon Springs
is open for public enjoyment.
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Let the Good Times Roll

For years to come, Leon Springs Dance Hall will continue to be the place
where groups gather to celebrate and make memories. Black Tie Affairs
Catering, Inc. is committed to ensuring that every event hosted within the
four red walls of Leon Springs Dance Hall are certain to be unforgettable,
special occasions that guests will speak of for many more years to come.
Getting the opportunity to perform at The Leon Springs Dance Hall  again is an
unexpected, wonderful surprise. I have fond memories...
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